Boy Soldier

The date today is September 11, 2011.
That’s important.
From my front stoop in a small town
in the United States, it’s not important
where, I saw a small boy riding his bicycle
down the street plastic machine guns
jutting out of his backpack.

He stopped to adjust his gear
a premature soldier humping along
looking for his lost platoon whom
he is trying to remember.
The orange caps on the toy barrels wave
back and forth behind his head
like flares
as he remounts the bike.

He was born too late for the war.
Just another grunt in time unaware
of why he’s fighting
using borrowed memories.
It’s been 10 years now and
the local high school is filled
with people who view this day as
a unique mark in history. This boy
barely 10 himself will fight Al-Qaeda
in the bushes behind his parents house
with the benefit of not knowing why.


2 Responses to “Boy Soldier”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this!

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