About Mavin

Ok, Mavin isn’t my actual name. It’s really Nathan Bergstedt, and I’m the arts & entertainment editor for a small-town northern Minnesota newspaper, the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. Aside from the typical work I do for the newspaper, I also write an occasional column regarding social issues that I’ve found to disturbing, whether they be inequality for my gay and lesbian friends and community members, religious intolerance (both against and by the religious, mind you), or our freedom of speech. I’ve been told that these pieces have made many people in the reading area either love me or hate me, but just so long as they’re talking about the issues, then that’s just fine by me.

Some of the essays on this blog are some of my more favorite pieces that I’ve written for the Herald-Review, and some are new. Besides the social commentary, I’m also an advocate for poetry in our society, so you’ll find plenty of poems here as well.

The arts and social equality are two of my greatest passions. I hope to convey them both with this blog.



2 Responses to “About Mavin”

  1. àla Kurt Says:

    The page look is clean, spare – a perfect setting for the loose gems and pearls that my eye catches, sees new light, or familiar visions through a new colored filter.


    I Look forward to a long chain of pensées, more gems to appear!

  2. William Tucker Says:

    I see….going minimalist, eh? What a great word to use, too. Plethora. Plethora. Plethora. Damned fine word. Good start! Keep noodling; you’ll get the idea of this crazy inter-tube publishing circus. As Red Green would say, “I’m pullin’ for ya. We’re all in this together.”

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